Lexmark X73 service

  concretepigsy 17:24 07 Oct 2003

I have a multi function printer. It doesnt print colour despite new cartridge cleaning nozzles etc. Does anyone have any ideas how to get it going again?? If not how much is a service for it??


the pig

  Sparks 18:08 07 Oct 2003

Is your default set for black?. Check in printer setup then options then document/quality and make sure it's set for automatic.

  concretepigsy 18:18 07 Oct 2003

thanks sparks its set to print colour as default

  Sparks 19:05 07 Oct 2003

You did click on printer icon and say installed/changed cartridge?.Have to go now will look further tomorrow.

  concretepigsy 19:27 07 Oct 2003

yeah done that too

  Sparks 18:12 08 Oct 2003

It's my wife who has the X73,we found that removing the electric and USB cables and reconnecting same cures some faults. If that doesn't do any good you could try above and also remove printer software and reinstall printer as per manufactures instructions. Sorry I can't suggest anything else but now this thread will be bumpted up where someone else may be able to help you.

  Wak 18:42 08 Oct 2003

When a car doesn't start, they say check the petrol.
Did you remove the tape covering the nozzles of the new cartridge???
It could be something as simple as that.

  Wak 18:44 08 Oct 2003

Can you print a test page as suggested in the Solution Centre???

  concretepigsy 18:56 08 Oct 2003

yeah checked the tape isnt on the print head, and no i can only print the black portion of the test page but thanks wak

  Wak 19:00 08 Oct 2003

Try standing the cartridge on a damp paper tissue and see if you get any ink flow at all soaking into the tissue. If you do, it's a printer problem. If you don't, it's a cartridge problem.
See how you go.

  concretepigsy 19:01 08 Oct 2003

yeah cartridge is fine any ideas how much a service costs for the bloody thing???

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