Lexmark X5470 All-In-One Printer Cardridge problem

  Solartopi 20:23 28 Jun 2007

Hi Gurus,

I have refilled my Lexmark X5470 Black Cartridge and the printer does not seem to recognise that the cartridge is FULL.

I went into the Lexmark Solution Centre - Lexmark 5400 Series, Clicked on Maintenance - Install New Printer Cartridge and followed the 7 Instructions. Of course I was not replacing a Brand New Cartridge but a Refilled one, I refilled myself. I Clicked CLOSE.

In the other Lexmark Printers & All-In-Ones A window Pops up and you Click Yes Or OK and it
does a Print Out For Align Cartridge. The X5470 does not do that. I Clicked EXIT.

Now every time I do a Print I get a Low Ink Alert Warning Window showing the Black Cartridge Ink right down low. Another Window asking me to order Genuine Lexmark Cartridges.

Has anyone got a Lexmark X5470 and having the same problem if they have replaced the old Cardridge with a Refilled, which they have refilled.

Please HELP! How do I get around this annoying Window Poping up.



  bluto1 22:39 28 Jun 2007

I've not got a X5470, my 3-in-1 is a X2350 but when I put a compatible cartridge in I was able to print the alignment page but always had warnings of low ink. I think it's Lexmarks way of telling us to stop messing about. I'll do that when they radically reduce the cost of their own cartridges.
One bit of advice is to make sure that after you've filled the cart. make sure the print head is clean.

  Solartopi 11:52 29 Jun 2007


"One bit of advice is to make sure that after you've filled the cart. Make sure the print head is clean."

Yes thanks, I always make sure that is done. I usually dip the cartridges in hot water, not too hot or in FLUSH. Especially after Refilling.

My 3-in-one X1150, I don't have this problem with it, only my X7450.

I have had Lexmarks for years. The printers are cheaper but their Cartridges are getting harder to buy, expensive - too expensive to run. In some cases it's cheaper to buy a new printer each time. My Internet friend does that & he had volunteered to send me an almost new Printer. But then again I'll have the to buy or Refill.

I usually Refill a Cartridge about three time. More than that is not worth it as you get faint lines across the print, especially colour prints.

I have tried these re-cycled cartridges, Black Cartridges are fairly okay but I have had a lot of problems with the Colour Cartridges in respect to the prints.



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