Lexmark X2350

  piggylen 09:42 09 Dec 2008

I have inherited my PC with Lexmark X2350 and am getting on ok with it, however when I click on Start/all programmes I see that there is an Icon for Lexmark Fax. Is this my Lexmark X2350, or is it another piece of kit altogether? I have followed the prompts to send a fax, and it all seems to make sense that it COULD go ffrom the X2350, but when it comes to actually SENDING the fax, it just says it is still trying. I am on broadband, so the computer has a phone line going in to it - but apart from that I am not sure........ HELP PLEASE! x

  FreeCell 10:19 09 Dec 2008

click here

User Guide explains faxing operation.

Will require your PC to be connected by modem (not your broadband) to your telephone line. You can connect both modem and broadband at same time with no ill effect.

  piggylen 10:26 09 Dec 2008

You Hero!!! Many thanks for that. Have saved the user guide for future use.

Sorry if I sound a bit thick, but can you recommend which bit of kit I need, and how to connect it. Thanks

  FreeCell 17:29 09 Dec 2008

I think you probably already have all you need. What PC are you using? Most already have a telephone modem built in. Look for a socket connector square in shape, smaller than the network connector which is an RJ45, but the same shape.

What you then need is a cable to connect to the phone line. This is usually an RJ11 connector on one end and a phone connector on the other sometimes with RJ11 on each end.
click here for picture of connectors. The RJ11 is the same as on the cable that connects your broadband modem/router to your telephone via the ADSL filter

  piggylen 09:07 10 Dec 2008

Thanks for that. My computer says "Compaq Pressario" on the front, and I am running Windows XP. It's not exactly cutting edge, but I suppose it's fairly up to date. Had a look at the back and there is a spare square socket. Thanks for all you help. Good to know it's there when you need it!!

  piggylen 09:13 10 Dec 2008

Have just ordered the connector I need off Amazon for the grand sum of 1p + P&P!! Will probably need your help when it arrives!!!

  FreeCell 10:00 10 Dec 2008

Well done. The User Guide should help now.

I presume that the Lexmark software is acting as the fax machine for your computer so that it uses the scanner to take an image and then converts it to the code used by fax machines. You will have to enter information in the program for the fax number that the document is to be sent to.

Some all-in-ones have the fax built into the printer so you don't need the PC on to send receive faxes. In this case there must be a keypad on the printer that allows you to enter the fax number and there is a connection between the printer and your telephone line.

  piggylen 10:51 10 Dec 2008

Yes, I have got as far as scanning an image, attaching it to a fax saying "document to follow" blah blah, and it all looks tickety boo - but it just won't go any further. No doubt that will all change when the bit of kit I have ordered arrives! There is no keypad on the printer/scanner thing, so it looks as though it's all got to be done via the pc.

I have just discovered this website, and I can't believe it can be so easy to get queries answered!! This is the 3rd one i've sorted out this week. Stress levels well down!!

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