lexmark x1180 please help

  granthatton 07:48 09 Dec 2005

this printer is killing me i have just changed the colour cartridge and now it wont print in colour.
black and white is fine i have uninstalled all software reinstalled disconected and reconected in fact i have followed the user manual to the letter but still no colour printing.
can some one plese help before i throw the printer out the window.
regards Grant
PS great site

  Diodorus Siculus 08:55 09 Dec 2005

Could be a damaged print head - is the head on the cartridge or on the printer? If the former, then try for a new cartridge.

  Wak 13:59 09 Dec 2005

Hi Grant, Sometimes the electrical contacts on the cartridge, and also inside the printer, can get contaminated with grease from the fingers and stop a good electrical contact.
I suggest you take the cartridge out and gently clean the contacts using an artist type paintbrush and Methylated Spirits.
Allow them to dry thoroughly before replacing.
Sometimes the cartridge will do a built-in test print (showing that the cartridge is OK) but will not print anything from the computer (showing a connection/transfer problem).
Try the Test print?

  driving man 14:55 09 Dec 2005

X1180 is a great machine for what it does but is terribly slow and cartridges are not cheap. May I suggest you cut your losses and buy a samsung from PC world. Like yours its a printer/copier/scanner and its about £95

  granthatton 16:14 09 Dec 2005

many thanks i have tried all the above and still it only prints in BW

  Wak 16:26 09 Dec 2005

Grant, is the colour cartridge a new one or an old one which hasn't been used for a while and was allowed to dry out?

  Wak 16:29 09 Dec 2005

If you try to print a colour photograph do you get a completely blank page or is it in shades of grey??

  spuds 20:35 09 Dec 2005

You could try click here or Lexmark support, they are fairly good at responding.

  granthatton 08:30 10 Dec 2005

in answer to the above it is the second new colour cartridge and when i print it just comes out black and grey

  driving man 09:15 10 Dec 2005

Correct me if Im wrong but does Lexmarks printer settings allow you to print colour in black and white. If so try unticking it

  Wak 09:48 10 Dec 2005

You are quite right, Driving man, my Lexmark allows you to print colour pictures in simple black, white and shades of grey. It just needs the tick removing from the box. That was why I asked my last question above.

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