Lexmark printing top part only...?

  nick_j007 20:39 02 Jan 2004

Evening all,

Have been speaking to my increasingly frustrated sister-in-law who is trying to set up a new Lexmark 1160 on a Compaq '98 PC. All seems to go well and is printing an alignment page then simply stops.

Any thoughts on this one?

She has uninstalled and reloaded a few times but to no avail. I have suggested she reinstall after a defrag. without any anti-virus running.

Many thanks for any thoughts..


P.S. Happy New Year!

  wee eddie 20:50 02 Jan 2004

Un-install all old Printer software.

Place the Lexmark Installation Disk into the slot and Start installation.

She may not have made this mistake but most of us have!!!

Do NOT plug the Lexmark into the PC until instructed to, by the installation software.

  nick_j007 21:06 02 Jan 2004

Cheers wee eddie.
I did discuss this with her too. Though I was surprised to hear it advised inserting USB cable before installing disc?


  josie mayhem 21:35 02 Jan 2004

It could be a compatability problem, before every one starts screaming at me,

Here my reasoning

I brought a compaq P11 base unit (second hand from a local shop) At the same time I brought a lexmark x73 all-in-one, and after a whole week-end of trying to get it to work (once installed all I could kept was can't communicate with printer every time I tried to print after the first print went through) I even took one printer back as faulty!

So I rang the shop where I brought the base unit, and explained they were really good, the deal was that if I took both unit and printer in, they would check it for me, and if they found that it was my mistake why it wasn't loading then they would charge me £25, but I would have it loaded and working on return.

The printer was O.K, but there couldn't set it up on any compaq machine they had in there shop, about six in all. But because I had just purchased the base unit from them, they swapped it for another make that it would load on, and loaded it up for me.

There conculsion was that for some reason the chips in the lexmark wasn't compatiable with the chips of the compaq.

So I ponder weather this might be the case, can your sister-in-law try the printer on another computer that isn't a compaq, at least this could rule out weather the fault lies with the printer or the computer.

  nick_j007 21:41 02 Jan 2004


Very interesting point(s) there. Many thanks Josie!

They do have a Mac somewhere I think so may suggest that route again.

Strange to think this might be the problem though.

Would 32MB of RAM on the PC be a problem anyone ?

Thanks again Josie for a comprehensive reply.


  wee eddie 21:49 02 Jan 2004

Googled - Lexmark 1150 or Epson 1160?

32Mg is the lower limit for W98se, more suitable for W95.

Are you trying to install XP drivers on a W98se PC?

  nick_j007 22:20 02 Jan 2004

Definately a Lexmark 1160.

1160 is so new it's not on theier own web site yet.
I was called again by s.i.l. and she has seen on side of box that it requires 64 MB at least! She has 32. Will this make it fall over then do you think?
I think she's doing the right drivers though...


  wee eddie 11:06 03 Jan 2004

The 1160 will probably not have drivers suitable for W98se anyway.

Her lack of RAM will be fatal.

You may be able to return it as unsuitable "IF" the PC's name or specification was mentioned during the purchase negotiations.

  Stephjh 11:22 03 Jan 2004

Hi there peops just reading what fun you seem to have had, can I join in with my problem, I have a Lexmark X74, and although I can get a "print test page" done perfectly I can't print anything from any other program! any comments on that, Just to add - I don't get an error message either, it's like the printer just falls asleep, rather than print.

  nick_j007 11:53 03 Jan 2004

Many thanks to you all for your help as always!

Looks like a new PC might be in order. Or is it easy enough to get more RAM?

  Gongoozler 12:09 03 Jan 2004

Hi nick_j007. If the memory is DIMM, then getting more will be easy and quite cheap. If it is in the older SIMM (pre about 1998), then it will be more difficult and more expensive.

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