Lexmark Ink Cartridges & Compatibles

  Dumfy 00:15 24 Jan 2006

Hi everyone,

My father-in-law was given a Lexmark P915 photo printer for Christmas and has been shocked by the price of replacment ink cartridges.

I've searched numerous places on the Web for compatibles and while they're available at half the cost of the High Street (approx £13 each) it still is expensive for him on his pension.

Anybody have good links to suppliers of cheap comatibles for his printer, please?
I believe the cartridges required are numbers 31 and 33.

Many Thanks


  [DELETED] 00:43 24 Jan 2006

I Had the same trouble and solved it by junking the lexmark (£60) and getting a samsung laser as most printing is B & W and an epson for colour and photos. Seems a waste but cheaper in long run.
Samsung nearly 2 years old still on original toner and cartridge world will do an on the spot replacement for about £25

  [DELETED] 00:57 24 Jan 2006

Cartridge world

  [DELETED] 01:18 24 Jan 2006

had a lexmark myself....nice printing and scanning,but way to expensive cartridges....can't get them much cheaper than your price.

i bought a canon ip5000...fantastic printer,,six individual cartridges,so you only have to change one at a time...each cartridge from choice stationary..or other similar three or four quid a go.

lexmark is now very dusty!!

  [DELETED] 07:12 24 Jan 2006

Just junked my 9 month old Lexmark, wat too expensive on ink and loads of other trouble.

  handful 09:46 24 Jan 2006

I have had a Lexmark for 3 years and have resorted to refilling my own. Cheapest ink I have found is from Morrisons, around £2.99 for black and £3.99 for colour if I remember right. A bit messy but seems to work ok.

  spuds 10:36 24 Jan 2006

The cheapest method is to refill the Lexmark cartridges yourself. I have the Lexmark X5150 and refills work out at approximately 60 pence each. Quite a saving, when you consider the price of an original cartridge at anything from £18.00 to £25.00.And compatibles £11.00 to £19.00 approx.

I found these, one of the cheapest for compatibles click here And click here for originals.

I also use an Epson Stylus C86 for general letter copy work. The compatible cartridges cost 99pence each,which contain about 19ml of ink.

  [DELETED] 11:25 24 Jan 2006

Canon cheap ink on all models, great quality.
I have just bought a iP6600D £169 - better than photolabs.

cheaper version is iP4200 £70; both 1pl droplet, 9600dpi!!!!!!!

however an i455 or i475 will do.

  [DELETED] 12:08 24 Jan 2006

I'm with belt_and_braces on this one. My £60 Lexmark all-in-one is ideal for my needs, and I found the cheapest cartridges in my local ASDA.
Tried 'compatible' cartridges from web sites but found their quality to be inferior.

  Dumfy 21:34 24 Jan 2006

Advice and help much appreciated. Thanks.

As the printer is new, it's my guess that my Father-in-law won't want to dump it as he only just had it at christmas. Seems like self-refill is the way to go.


  LANDCRUISER 23:29 24 Jan 2006

Have epson styles scan 2000 & Lexmark 5150 both i refill & both work great, try it, a lot cheaper

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