lexmark freezes computer at bootup

  [DELETED] 21:34 10 Feb 2006

Bought a new computer Advent T100 with 1024gb ram,win xp home edtion sp2.
After installing my Lexmark P4350 All in One it hangs the computer at bootup(Just gets to the Advent splash screen and freezes),although booting with it not connected then hot plugging it is recognized and works as it should.
Installed as per Lexmark instructions,disabling antivirus(Norton) etc and cancelling out of the standard windows wizard as required by the Lexmark install.
The usb ports are working fine and the computer boots with other external devices connected (to test)
Tried other usb leads and different ports,updated to the latest new driver.
The Lexmark works alright on the old computer(XP)
Have even installed following the Windows wizard
and pointing the installation to the cd drive.
As before freeze on boot but works hot plugging.

Can live with it but it is annoying !

Any advice please.

  phil46 22:46 11 Feb 2006

Have you connected your printer to a USB hub or a PCI Card?? if that is the case try connecting it to the USB sockets on your Mobo

  [DELETED] 00:23 12 Feb 2006

Thanks for your reply

Unfortunately the computer is of the type with everything in a module behind the monitor,small like a laptop
there are 3 usb ports (would assume they are pci) and wouldnt like to open the back up to find the motherboard plus the usual firewire,modem and 1 ethernet port,and two usb ports in the side of the monitor,have tried all these usb ports with an install on each removing the printer drivers and software each time,thought about disabling the printer in msconfig(startup) but it probably would not work as the boot sequence only gets to the Advent screen and hangs.
There are no conflicts in device manager either.
Shows the usual HID,USB controllers and mass storage drives for the card reader etc.
The printer installs and works ok when hot plugged.

Malc L

  Kev.Ifty 00:33 12 Feb 2006

Have you tried booting with the printer connected but switched off?

  britto 01:51 12 Feb 2006

Try what you thought and disable the printer at start up more so if lexpps.exe is listed.

click here

  [DELETED] 08:56 12 Feb 2006

Hi Guy's
Thanks for the replies
Yes it will boot with the computer switched off,so will go with that for now.
Something simple !

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