Lexmark 1180 problems / replace??

  Marey 01:19 10 Sep 2006

Sorry to cross-post - this is in AbsoluteBeginners too... I'm desparate! I think my PC has finally given up talking to my all-in-one printer. Most things I try to print come out very faint / light & dark horizontal lines. The cartridge is nearly full. I've selected "best" quality print, checked my USB connection, downloaded a new driver from the Lexmark site - nothing helps. But very occasionally things print out ok!! It's driving me crazy. The printer is just out of warranty. I really need a reliable printer as I'm going into my final year of Uni, so if I can't sort this out I'm thinking: should I just give up and buy a new one (with cheaper cartridges)? Any advice on fixing this or a good value replacement would be very welcome...

  welshlion 12:18 10 Sep 2006

It sounds as if your jets need cleaning...to do this you need to open up the Lexmark All-in-One centre (the window you use when scanning etc.) and in the top left hand corner click on maintain/troubleshoot and then from the window that opens click on the question that reads poor print quality and it will then tell you where to go to find the page you need to use to clean the jets... the jet cleaning procedure is to print a test page and check according to information given and if you need to you can run it again... however I found that I had to navigate away from the page and come back and start again on a couple of occasions before I got the desired result.

Good Luck

  Marey 12:27 10 Sep 2006

Thanks, but I've tried that. Top 2 lines of test page are ok but then a blank sheet - tried 3 times & same result. Wonder if it's a comms problem? Troubleshooting page seems to think so, but then I've tried all it suggests, still the same. May try a different USB port or lead as a double-check. Seriously thinking of replacing now though- have started thread on Consumerwatch for buying advice.

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