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Lexar Memory Stick Keeps Blinking

  wotsitallabout 09:16 25 Oct 2013

Hello, I have a Lexar memory 16 Gb stick. It keeps flashing although it seems to work. I'm a bit worried about that.

Is this ok? I did delete the secrecy programme that it came with, should I have not done that, and can I download it to get it back? please?

Thank you

  alanrwood 10:29 25 Oct 2013

Flashing usually means thatb there is a data exchange in progress. At least it does on most of my memory sticks. I shouldn't worry if it is working OK.

  iscanut 19:39 25 Oct 2013

I use a Cruzer 16Gb stick and it flashes all the time it is plugged into a USB socket.

  lotvic 22:47 25 Oct 2013

As per alanrwood said. Light on mine flashes when transferring data. Same as pc tower harddrive light flashes when it is busy doing stuff.

  Forum Editor 10:20 26 Oct 2013

"On idle it would be cashing"

It might not be caching - the operating system may be polling the drive. By default Windows polls (samples) USB devices at 125 samples per second. On USB drives this can result in the light flickering.

If your drive light flashes all the time it is unlikely to be caching that causes it, unless you have configured Windows to use the drive as a cache location (which you can do).

  alanrwood 11:50 26 Oct 2013


That is good info. Thanks

  lotvic 17:55 26 Oct 2013

In my Devices Properties Policies, I have my usb flash drive 'Optimized for quick removal' so it doesn't do any write caching AFAIK and also means I don't need the 'Safely Remove Hardware' thingy.

  wotsitallabout 10:25 30 Oct 2013

Thank you everyone

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