steffyd 13:29 29 Mar 2007


I hope someone can help! Ive been noticing lately that the letter F keeps dissapering from certain fonts when I type in Indesign CS2! It only disapears when typed next to the letter L eg. 'Float' would appear as 'oat' but it is fine when I type words like 'Difficult' It is currently happening with the font Bosis Medium but has happened with other fonts before.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  Diemmess 14:56 29 Mar 2007

Assume that this only happens in Indesign and is therefore not a keyboard fault?

The only limp solution I have to offer is to uninstall and reinstall Indesign, or a part of it.

I have had a similar (font) trouble in the past related to Windows (2000) which fortunately was due a dramatic clean up anyway, so sighed and got on with it.
At least your problem is only with the Adobe application?

  Pesala 12:24 21 Jul 2007

This happens because InDesign has a feature to use ligatures. If you type ff or fl or fi or ffi or ffl, InDesign will automatically replace those letters with Alphabetic Presentation Forms: ? ? ? ? ?

Since these don't exist in all fonts, then you should get the .notdef glyph, which (wrongly) seems to be a space in your font. It should be a white rectangle, or a rectangle with a question mark, which may also happen with those I have typed above.

Change to a font like Palatino Linotype or Times New Roman and you should be able to see the ligatures.

Otherwise, turn off the ligatures option. I think it is called "Font Features" in InDesign.

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