lettering blurred on monitor help please

  dazzling (work) 09:49 30 Mar 2004

the lettering has gone blurred on our monitor i have run tests on the graphics chip which state that it is ok.the monitor settings have not been adjusted or the dislay settings in control panel.the problem is variable somtimes not as bad as others but its not dependant on reboots just unstable all the time.its like looking at the monitor through glasses when you dont need them you can read it but its fuzzy.any ideas guys .darren

  Djohn 10:03 30 Mar 2004

Type of monitor and screen size/resolution/refresh rate please, dazzling (work)

  johnnyrocker 10:09 30 Mar 2004

you will probably find that there is some arcing around the eht/focus area of your monitor.


  Gongoozler 11:24 30 Mar 2004

Hi darren. This is almost certainly a sign that the monitor is on it's way out. The focus is controlled by voltages on the various electrodes of the crt, and as the monitor ages these can change, especially if the cathode is losing its ability to emit electrons and you compensate by increasing the brightness.

  Peter 14:31 30 Mar 2004


If your Screen Properties is set to "Smooth edges of screen fonts" try switching it off. It can make some fonts/sizes smoother, but can blur some others.


  norman47 15:08 30 Mar 2004

Darren. If you are using X\P then try windows X\P clear type. This may improve things for you.

click here

  dazzling (work) 09:43 31 Mar 2004

thanks guys swapped the monitor out with a known good one and it was fine so its obviously not the adapter.have to say its gone back to normal now but would be inclined to agree its on its way out.its a work pc and tends to get left on 24\7 without a screen saver or monitor shut of.cheers darren

  dazzling (work) 09:46 31 Mar 2004

djohn 17"crt refresh rate optimal for nvidia riva tnt64 resolution 800 x 600.darren

  Aspman 09:48 31 Mar 2004

Try the monitor on another machine to check it is definitely kaput. If so check your warranty and try to get a swop out if it is in the time bracket.

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