Letterheads and templates - Revisited

  Fat Cat 09:42 25 Feb 2003

Someone suggested I use text boxes to prepare a letterhead but with a logo on the top right Word refuses to let me enter anything between the logo and the left margin.Ho Hum !

As for the information in a text box at the foot of the page - well the writing and coloured background are great - but when I start writing a letter the information in the text box starts rolling over to the next page !

I'm back were I started ! Can't type in letter
references to left of logo and have to use the Del key to bring the footnote information off the next page.

Anyone any better ideas ?

Cheers Fat Cat

  Peter 10:09 25 Feb 2003


As far as the logo is concerned to enable typing to the left of it try adjusting the text wrapping and also try making the graphic float over the text. These options are available by right-clicking the logo and using the format graphic option.

I think the information you are trying to put at the bottom of the page should be a footer and not a footnote. Footers are accessed from the View pulldown menu, Header and Footer option.


  Fat Cat 10:37 25 Feb 2003

Thanks Peter I wil try your first suggestion but
as for the second I've never managed to put text on a colour background in a Footer. Options with Footers look limited to me.

Regards Fat Cat

  DieSse 10:40 25 Feb 2003

Create the coloured bar as a picture first - then set the text wrap options as mentioned above - then you can put text anywhere you like in relation to the picture - including on top of it.

  temp003 10:46 25 Feb 2003

I'm not familiar with Word formatting, so can't help directly. Peter must be on the right track with footers. Have you also explored Footer Frame? Format > Frames > New Frames Page > New Frame Below. Then drag the border to your desired height. You can also set the distance between the text in the main body and the border of the Footer Frame. Get the Word Assistant to help.

I suppose you can do a similar thing with Header Frame (New Frame Above).

As to typing the text at the top left, how about creating a table with one row and 2 columns. Adjust the widths of the 2 columns to suit the sizes. Put the logo in the right column (right justify if necessary), and the text (or text box if necessary) in the left column. You can do this with or without a frame.

Don't know whether it will work for you.

  -pops- 10:59 25 Feb 2003

Have a look at the versatility of using tables for this layout. Remember you can put tables within tables, adjust widths, depths, remove single columns, remove single rows, insert these things and so-on and so-on. When you get used to how versatile tables are for fancy layouts, you will be using them all the time. It does take a bit of practice and experience to find out all that's possible but it's worth it.


  -pops- 11:01 25 Feb 2003

One thing I forgot, in the final masterpiece you must have the borders and shading set to "none" to hide the frame lines!!


  temp003 11:18 25 Feb 2003

Sorrym frames are no go. Just use footers.

  Peter 13:08 25 Feb 2003


I have received the following email from Fat Cat:-


If you can get text in the Footers plus background colour you are a
much better man than I - though that probably isn't saying much.

Fat Cat"

You can put various things in Headers and Footers including Graphics and Tables. Graphics can be used in Headers as a Watermark. Tables, as suggested above by -pops-, can be used to ease layout problems.

You may also be able to insert text boxes into Footers and put in a coloured background. You can remove the frame if required.

If you want me to look at your template you can email it to me, as an attachment, along with an idea of what you are trying to achieve. I'm only using Word 97 so this might restrict things a little.

Hope this helps,


  Fat Cat 14:30 25 Feb 2003

Thanks for the offer Peter.

I'll have a go myself first and if I still can't get anywhere I'll take up your offer.

Many thanks

Fat Cat

  wee eddie 21:18 25 Feb 2003

Fat Cat: If you use an coloured background on your Letterhead you will end up a Thin/Bust Cat.

Background colouring eats Ink, avoid it if you can. You will also find that the printer drenches the paper which then becomes wavy

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