Lets see, Where to start?

  AleFerTai 22:50 29 Feb 2004

first thing is that Ghost Recon, a multiplayer online game crashs, and I have all the updated drivers for my graphics card and sound card. Also i have dl and installed the Directx 9.0b. so I am in the process of of trying to update my bios and my A: will not format or I can not make a reboot floppy. Well I guess thats it for now. But there are more problems.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:56 29 Feb 2004

What version GR sometimes u need the mods to be installed or it can lock up as most servers use them.

  AleFerTai 23:02 29 Feb 2004

it is the gold edition so i automaticly have the patches and all installed

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 23:07 29 Feb 2004

Not patches the addons Desert siege,Island Thunder,Hantrax all different version addons servers run these as well think the latest patch was 1.4 not sure.


  hugh-265156 00:06 01 Mar 2004

when you say crashes,what exactly happens?does it crash back to desktop or hang or is there an error displayed etc?

click here may be some use.

  AleFerTai 00:54 01 Mar 2004

Yes, it crashs back to Desktop, as if I never even opened it.
Yes Nickname, I have the 1.4 patch it comes def with the gold version.

  hugh-265156 00:59 01 Mar 2004

are you using am nvidia card with latest drivers and or a via chipset?

did you check the above knowledge base for other causes? if not listed type info into "search text" box

  AleFerTai 22:48 01 Mar 2004

Yes Huggy, Iam using the nvidia card and VIA chipset. I checked the link you pasted above and dl and installed the older drivers as they said, and it still crashes. Iam going insane. Any other help would be appreciated. It is probably aggrevating, but appreciated just the same.

  Indigo 1 23:08 01 Mar 2004

If you have been using Detonator drivers you will need to download and run Detonator Destroyer to completely rid your system before you install new drivers.

Have you tried this ?

  AleFerTai 02:09 02 Mar 2004

No Indigo, Im sorry. I dont know what detonater drivers are.
Iam also havin prblems updating my bios.
1. My floppy drive would not format a new floppy disc.
a. So therefore would not create a recovery disc for me.
2. what is the correct procedure to update my bios?

  Indigo 1 18:32 02 Mar 2004

Try this click here

hope it helps.

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