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  [DELETED] 19:30 26 Aug 2003

Looking for help on how to automatically arrange that a link appears on my site to let others know I am on line, eg a green light graphic for online or red for offline, I could then answer e-mails quickly or let viewers know that I can.

any ideas welcome

  Forum Editor 19:38 26 Aug 2003

thing to think of doing, and I wouldn't dream of it for a moment if I was you.

The fewer people who know when you're online the better, and even then they should be friends, or business associates. A computer broadcasting the fact that it's sitting there, waiting for contact, is a hacker's idea of heaven. We all broadcast the fact anyway, every time we connect, but there's no point in shouting it aloud.

If you want to have a (more or less) real-time conversation with site visitors, run a forum on the site and let them have free access. Whenever you're online you can simply open your forum and keep it in your taskbar - checking it from time to time.

  [DELETED] 19:53 26 Aug 2003

I have seen sites with an IRC online/offline link and others with a chat applet eg 24 hour help. but these are major commercial sites probably using thier own server.

It would be probable that their server would be at risk. I just want to let others know that eg during work hours someone is present and watching for e-mails, possibly with a batch file start IE and ftp changes a site icon, Close IE and ftp changes the icon back.

Rather than a broadcast I am here, I am probably not understaning the concept of broadcasting my presence.

  Forum Editor 22:18 26 Aug 2003

to display an indicator on your site that will let visitors know you are online via MS Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, or ICQ. You can configure your Messenger service to allow all users to contact you, but to be honest I wouldn't feel that happy about doing it myself.

I prefer the idea of a forum, but if you want to know more about the online indicator
click here

  [DELETED] 22:48 26 Aug 2003

Seems to be resolved, It can be done.

I will take the advice,

forum seems the best idea.

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