Lessons learnt from router problems

  john bunyan 17:34 27 Aug 2013

I have W7, ISP is Pipex (Talk Talk) - fixed IP address and a router not supplied by, nor supported by Talk Talk - a Belkin N+ Share 300. Mostly it works OK. but of late I have have been spasmodically losing internet connection - corrected by unplugging and re plugging in the router. Overnight the connection was lost and the usual shut - start did not work. My dilemma was that in the absence of an internet connection, how do I contact support? I did have the Talk Talk number; it was at first difficult to speak to a human as they kept asking for my Talk Talk phone (I am with BT for phone). After testing they found it was the router not being recognised or not recognising the router and as it was unsupported by them they could not help, nor even give me Belkin's phone support. Eventually I found the latter and they solved the problem with a series of changed connections etc. My wired desktop was ok but 2 laptops had to be re networked and passwords reinstalled. Not sure if a saved router file would have worked or how to use it. (user.conf file)

Recommendation: Keep phone nos of Router and ISP suppliers handy if you lose internet and cannot solve it.Also IP official user name and password - may be different to normal (Mine is [email protected] as opposed tp [email protected] .com

  john bunyan 17:37 27 Aug 2013

FE maybe you could switch this to Tech Help rather than Speakers Corner - sorry.

  Forum Editor 18:38 27 Aug 2013

Your wish is my command. It's moving over now.

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