Less than 4 weeks to Christmas already? ......

  astral traveller 19:18 27 Oct 2003

Surely not!
I awoke from my extra hours slumber yesterday, switched on my pc and expected to see a message saying the clock had been adjusted to compensate for daylight savings etc. - but no. So I made the manual adjustment myself thinking nothing more of it. I was typing a letter today and inserted (auto) the date - 27th November 2003? I checked the time and date properties and sure enough the date was set at 27th November. I'm certain I never touched the monthly settings in the date & time properties - anyone else been to the future and back again today? and why didn't the pc automatically adjust the time? -I've checked and the box in the time zone tab is checked to adjust automatically.
O/S = XP home.


  ams4127 19:49 27 Oct 2003

Strange - my XP reset the time by itself. I forgot though and had an irate phone call from a friend on Sunday morning enquiring as to why I wasn't standing on the first tee waiting to fire off! Cost me quite a few drinks.

  VoG II 19:50 27 Oct 2003

Since getting XP I've never had the "old" warning about Windows changing the time - it just does it.

Mine thinks it is October still.

  spuds 21:32 27 Oct 2003

Funny one this. I have recently converted to XP Pro, and checking the computer at 10am yesterday, I found the clock was set at 7.30am. The clock was okay, when I left it before clock change-over time. Thought that the internal battery had failed or a recent update/download was the culprit.All seems okay now, after manual time reset-adjustment.

  Lionheart ♥ 21:34 27 Oct 2003

Mine same as VoG.

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