WaiKent 15:40 06 Nov 2003

Hi just a quick question, has anyone ever heard of LEP light emitting plastic and what stages are they at releasing something like this. Its cheap, Light and flexible, what more could you want from a monitor.

  Jester2K II 15:58 06 Nov 2003

According to this pdf doc click here displays for laptops are predicted for 2006.

So thats 2020 then...

  Taff36 16:01 06 Nov 2003

click here

click here

Try putting "light emitting plastic" (Including the quotation marks to get a phrase match into a search engine - you`ll get even more !

  Stuartli 17:19 06 Nov 2003

The idea was developed by a Cambridgeshire based uni or firm - can't remember which way round.

Only provided green originally but work was going on to be able to produce all colours.

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