Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro / Windows 8.1 Slow Startup

  vicban3d 19:04 13 Jan 2017


Recently my 3-year-old Yoga 2 Pro started having a boot up issue. This issue is followed by 2 symptoms:

1) On startup (after shutdown or restart) the Lenovo loading screen with the circle take about 3-4 minutes to load. Right after that the Windows login screen appears for a second and windows starts.

2) A few seconds after I open any application it suddenly freezes. The mouse moves but no I/O action is being processed. This usually happens after I open Chrome, Windows Explorer or the Start Menu. The freezing seems to have "Phases". First Chrome loads the requested page (spinning circle), then the circle freezes, then I am unable to minimize the window anymore and 1 minute later everything is back to normal. The freezing continues for around 2 minutes and when its done all clicks and button presses are that were made are processed at once.

After all of the above, everything seems to function normally until the next startup.

What I did recently that could cause the issue (not sure): * Updated some Intel drivers through Intel Update Utility. * Removed a second OS (Ubuntu) and ran boot repair.

Things I've done so far: * Scanned for malware and ruled that out. * Disabled unnecessary startup processes. * Removed all old software I didn't need anymore to clean up. * Ran chkdsk and found no errors. * Re-Installed Drivers.

Can anyone suggest a lead on how to solve this issue? I'll be happy to provide any further info.

Help will be greatly appreciated!

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