Lenovo Think Centre Intel Q45 Motherboard POST beep code issue.

  MarkT1982 19:27 18 Feb 2014

Hi, I have a machine at work which beeps 12 times (3 times, 3 times, 3 times, 3 times) then shuts down. When I checked inside there was no RAM it was discusssed that another technician had changed the RAM and I installed a new DDR 3 (1 Gig RAM module).

I now don't think it's the RAM but what else could it be I'm trying to find a good site for trying to identify the beep code, could it be the motherboard or CMOS?

The PC type is

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 18 Feb 2014

Beep Codes click here no memory its going to beep**

beep codes are dependant on type of BIOS the board uses

the only 3-3-3-3 s Pheonix BIOS scan for F2 keystroke



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 18 Feb 2014

What is wrong with the formatting on this site???

If no memory its going to beep

Beep Codes

click here

click here only 3-3-3-3 is Phoenix BIOS = scan for F2 keystroke


  Jollyjohn 11:23 19 Feb 2014

Can you get the original RAM back and does it then work.

Double check the speed setting of the new RAM and once installed go into BIOS Setup and check the settings for the RAM - Do not rely on Auto to sort it out, Save and exit.

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