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lenovo monitor blacking out irregularly

  stevesu 14:52 01 Jun 2017

Hi, I have a Lenovo all in-one-computer running windows 10. I have all my drivers updated. However, for the past year or so, my monitor keeps blacking out for 1 or 2 seconds at irregular intervals (sometimes not for an hour, other times every other minute). It seems to happen more when I am actively involved at the keyboard. It's beginning to irritate me; does anyone have any solutions?

  onthelimit1 15:23 01 Jun 2017

Have you a socket where you could plug in an external monitor (you need to identify if it's the display or the motherboard/graphics card that is causing the problem).

  stevesu 17:30 01 Jun 2017

Not really, all the hardware is contained within the monitor case itself. It is an all-in-one PC. So there is no socket that would connect to another monitor

  riblo 26 18:35 01 Jun 2017

Check your power supply to the monitor, try another video card and video cable (HDMI, VGA)

  stevesu 18:50 01 Jun 2017

Again, it's an all one table-top unit. There is one power cable in and no video out cables of any sort to check. The only bits that are separate are the mouse and keyboard. If you google 'Lenovo 10160 specs' and look at the images you can see that these are the only 3 components.

  onthelimit1 10:30 03 Jun 2017

Does it have HDMI socket - you could connect to a TV?

  stevesu 14:14 03 Jun 2017

I have connected it to the TV and the blacking out was mirrored on the TV screen. I know this means that it is probably the motherboard or graphics card, but I obviously don't want to go to the expense of buying new components. Also, I not sure that this type of PC is easily upgradable. I have scanned using the inbuilt Lenovo solution centre which says that there is no problem with the hardware. I was hoping that someone else had had the same problem and that the solution was just to give it a good shake!

  q33ny 18:55 03 Jun 2017

An All-in-One is usually like a laptop. You can change only certain parts and only with the same type/model. All you can do is to open it see where the GPU is and see if you have any capacitors blown. If the GPU is on-board first teast RAM and if OK on test, MB is at fault. Usually if is the MB or PSU the PC gives a blue screen or restarts. You can also run a benchmark for GPU even if on-board.

  stevesu 19:50 03 Jun 2017

Thank you for all the replies. I will open it up and have a poke around and see if I have any loose wires or such like. If I can't see anything obviously wrong I will probably just leave it as it is and put up with the random blackouts. After all it's more irritating than life threatening (he says with his fingers crossed).

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