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Lenovo Legion Y540 vs Dell G3 3579

  Paramore 21:46 14 Sep 2019

Hello everyone,

I am writing to ask for your opinion about the aforementioned laptop models. Well, according to the specs and my little experience I think that Lenovo is a bit better but I believe Dell is way more trustworthy. So, this is my dilemma. I am not a hardcore gamer and lately, I have no time to play games or something but I want to buy the best laptop when it comes to value for money. I mostly care about any malfunctions of those models like overheating or whatever. I will post two links of the models to dive more into it so you can help me. The links are from a greek site so please translate this page. Every opinion is more than welcome.

Lenovo Legion Y540: click here

Dell G3 3579 click here

Thanks a lot in advance.

  Forum Editor 09:15 15 Sep 2019

You say that you have no time to play games, yet you are considering two machines that are primarily designed for gaming.

That said, if I were to choose between them there would be no contest - I would buy the Lenovo. The Dell machine falls short when it comes to display quality, and that would be enough to deter me.

I'm not sure why you say that Dell is "way more trustworthy". Lenovo machines are generally excellent in that respect. I have used Lenovo laptops for years, and have had no cause to complain.

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