Lenovo laptop yoga 2 bios password

  Kev-2391713 14:34 06 Sep 2016

Hi everyone,

I got a reconditioned lenovo laptop yoga 2 which has been great until the hard drive failed at which point I found out it had a bios password. I cannot get into it. I heard the hard drive clicking and then connected it up to another laptop to confirm it was at fault

so I installed windows 8 on the new hard drive and had hope it would just boot but it doesnt.

anyway around this? I have just spent £70 on the hard drive and do not want to spend 100's on a new motherboard


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 06 Sep 2016
  Burn-it 17:11 06 Sep 2016

Many new Laptops have tamper proof BIOS and you cannot bypass the password. The reconditioner SHOULD have reset it to the default for a new machine. It is unlikely that any forum will tell you how to bypass passwords since we cannot be sure of the circumstances.

  Kev-2391713 18:59 06 Sep 2016


Thank you both for your reply. Fruit Bat - I tried the Battery but it did not work.

Burn-it, I appreciate what you are saying and I have tried to take it back to CEX but its been over a year since I got it. Something I never checked and I guess most people don't until something goes wrong.

Looks like I will have to try and get hold of a second hand motherboard or failing that attempt to replace the bios chip. Either way going to cost me more money :(

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