Lenovo G580 Win 8 laptop update issues

  marty03321 10:46 05 Sep 2016


My daughters laptop has me baffled. It started with a blank screen issue, which I solved with a system restore. (theres was nothing of importance on the hard drive) I did try taking the battery out and after replacing holding the start button for 30 seconds first. All appeared fine untill I shut it down. There was a massive 186 windows updates to do, which was expected after rolling back so far... The issue now is a I get this message on the screen "failure to configure updates, reverting changes. do not turn off you computer. I get stuck with this screen with no change, I even left it over night. I haven't managed to find the safe boot option with this Win 8 machine, I tried the F8 key on start up but no joy.

Has anyone solved this problem before?

Thanks in advance


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 05 Sep 2016

Did you revert back from windows 10?

  marty03321 12:34 05 Sep 2016

no, Win8.

I just ran the windows update troubleshooter after another restore, it found and fixed 3 problems. I'm downloading the updates right now, fingers crossed.

I'm hoping it will update to Win 8.1. Or do I have to buy the service pack?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 05 Sep 2016

you can download an iso of win 8.1 from click here just put in your windows 8 product key

use the iso to install 8.1 and then you only need the updates that have come since. the is is also useful if you have problems as you can repair the PC by booting from the iso disk / USB.

  marty03321 13:12 05 Sep 2016

Cheers Fruit Bat, her OS was pre instaled. When I look for the product code in system it is partly obscured. Is it possible to reveal it?

Your help is appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 05 Sep 2016

is there a sticker under the battery?

if not some tools here to find key in BIOS. click here

  marty03321 14:04 05 Sep 2016

Wow, what a great bit of software... However, when I type in the product key I get told it doesn't work, try again or use a different code. I have checked and double checked it.

  robin_x 14:52 05 Sep 2016

Some MS pages get arsey over OEM and Retail

This new Heidoc method doesn't

If you still have problems, see here and here

  marty03321 16:36 05 Sep 2016

Thanks all, I have been talking to Microsoft. They have confirmed my product code is OK. They have offered me 10. I hear it's better than 8, so I reckon I will go for it. Still a little annoying, as I like to find solutions to software issues.

  robin_x 16:53 05 Sep 2016

Interesting offer. Any particular turn of phrase you used or they just came up with it? How did the conversation go?

W10 has its own faults, but it will make future maintenance easier. Touch Wood.

  marty03321 13:25 07 Sep 2016

Update for you.

It turns out Microsoft were pushing 10 for £100. I declined the kind offer and asked if I could have the download for 8.1 as it wasn't in their store anymore. After chatting to 2 other tech's, one of them found me a link to the download. He then accessed the pc remotely to get rid of the conflicting programs, one of which was McAfee. Booted in safe and all was sorted.

I have been told a joke by one of my mates - "What's the difference between chlamydia and MaCafee?"........"It's easier to get rid of chlamydia!"

ATB Martin

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