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Lenovo flex 1 boot problem

  Ann MarieAnderson 15:04 03 Sep 2016

I have been looking at video,s on youtube but need more hardware advice. My Lenovo flex has boot up issues. On turning it on you see the usual start up logo Lenovo and then nothing else happens. I started with checking if it was the battery and took that out. (There is no warranty left on this) switched back on and still the same. Then went on to check the hard drive and was told to remove this and switch back on. Now I see boot menu manager as there is now no hard drive I'm not sure if this is indicating if it was a hard drive problem. This is where I need advice I will put the hard drive back in while I am waiting on a reply.

  Ann MarieAnderson 15:19 03 Sep 2016

I have now put hard drive back in and the same thing is happening. Lenovo is still flashing on boot up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 03 Sep 2016

can you connect a keyboard (USB) tap F2 (usual key for BIOS) and see if its detecting HDD?

  Ann MarieAnderson 18:27 03 Sep 2016

I connected a keyboard and got into bios and yes it's detecting the hard drive

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:49 03 Sep 2016

Good that means at lest you could connect it to another PC to recover your data.

try this - remover battery and power connection , press and hold power button for 30 seconds - refit power lead (not battery) and see if it will boot.

  Ann MarieAnderson 08:24 04 Sep 2016

I already did that as I seen a demo video on YouTube I also tried the removing the cmos battery as well as that was another suggestion on you tube as well. I'm working all day today and won't be back home until 6pm so I will check then to see if there is any more suggestions. Thank you for your replies so far and have a great day.

  Ann MarieAnderson 09:48 05 Sep 2016

Just checking in as I'm not working today and am hoping for more input on my problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:13 05 Sep 2016

what op system installed?

you may have to make a usb media to repair from

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