Lenovo 8" Tablet password problem

  Thereferee21 17:05 17 Oct 2014

I am having a problem trying to set a password on my gmail account. It will not accept it.

  rdave13 19:05 17 Oct 2014

Can you tick a box to 'show' what you are typing in, in the password field. Sometimes on a tablet you need to tap different virtual keys to get different symbols etc. Quite easy to make errors on these tablets.

  Just.me 20:21 17 Oct 2014

I don't have a gmail account so cannot be sure but do they specify a minimum number of characters, the need for some to be uppercase and also the need for the password to contain at least one numeral.

If they do and your password does not comply then it would be rejected.

  Daiol 22:08 17 Oct 2014

I have a Lenovo tablet 8ins. My password has a small box under where you type in your password and you must use all details. Example my password 123-456-789.You mus remember to dashes between each three letters or numbers depending on your password details. Good luck.It's a nice little tablet.

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