Lenovo 3000 Battery Problem

  Sparkly 13:50 16 Feb 2010

Hi a freind dropped off the above laptop saying that his daughter has had problems for some time with the power supply shuting off. These are the symtoms,
The laptop wont run without mains connection, it will run for about 30mins then shuts itself off and when you turn it back on it will only run for about 5mins and shuts itself off again.

This is what i have done.
I have rebooted after the shut down after 30mins and each time it will only run for about 5mins,so i have removed the battery pack and restarted but with the same results but if i dissconect the power from the mains and hold the start buttun down for around 30 seconds reconnect to the mains with no battery pack it will load up and run for 18-20hrs no probs (havent left it on overnight)so does this sound like a battery pack problem only or could something else be going on.

There are no other problems with it at all it runs nicely,the battery indicater on the laptop never shows any sign of life when it is connected to the laptop and is powerd through the mains.I have not been able to track down a replacement bat/pack on the lenovo website for this model.

Its a Lenovo 3000 N100
XP Home
512mb ram

  Technotiger 14:28 16 Feb 2010

Yes, I would say new battery needed ...

click here

  Sparkly 14:47 16 Feb 2010

Hi Technotiger thanks for the help and the link,your help is allways appreciated many thanks.

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