Lengthy Phone Cable or Lengthy Yellow Cable?

  Big L 266 17:42 11 Feb 2010


My current phone point cable to router is approximately 25 feet away whilst the cable from the router to the computer is about 5 feet. I still get 4 to 6 meg connection. I have no problems with this set up but am a little curious about something.

I am in the process of swapping ISPs.The new router has a wifi option but my Dell Studio (bought January 09) isn't wifi compatible. The speed test made by the ISP indiciates I will get around 15.1 meg for their "up to" 24 meg package.I was curious about my current cable arrangements.

Would it be in my interests to swap a lengthy phone cable for a lengthy yellow cable? The idea would be to place the router next to the phone point and run a yellow cable from it to the computer some 25 feet away.

Is it likely this would also improve the overall mbps ratio? If so, where would I buy such a yellow cable already made or would I have to have one made? If the latter,what do you think the cost would be?

I have to point out that I can only connect to the internet via an external network card from the router to the computer thanks to a thunderstorm last year.Although the computer wasn't on,and no lightning hit any power cables or phone points anywhere,it was the single most vivid flash of lightning and deafening peel of thunder I have ever heard.It somehow put paid to the internal network card.

Any help, advice and suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you very much.

  gengiscant 17:54 11 Feb 2010

I moved my router to the main telephone socket and got a boost in speed even thogh my main pc is at least, by cable length, 35 ft away if not more.

I got my cables here.click here

  Big L 266 17:57 11 Feb 2010

Thank you for that info. So its quite likely it would work for me as well? I'll be looking on the ebay site later and thank you for your kind help though.

Big L 266

  wiz-king 18:15 11 Feb 2010

I would chose a cat6 cable for the 'yellow' one in preference to a cat5 (and choose a colour that matches the decor of the rooms *grin*) and have the router near to the master socket. Cat6 has better shielding and will be less susceptible to interference.The downside of this is if you want to put another PC on your network you will have to run another cable back to the router.

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