The 'lemon, of a desk top has finally gorn...or has it?

  SparkyJack 08:25 20 Apr 2013

An HP small desktop machine has been given to me because of persistant faultin to BSD with a report of 'unexplainedvloss of power....whereupon it would immediately reboot. During itsctime with the iriginal owner it had been returned to vendor several rtime because if the same fault.

Now the last I switched on the screen background came up with several vertival white lines and the system speaker gave a coinious 'beeeeeep' I have suspected alalong that an intermittant component failure in the PSU or Mobo . Is the beeep a clue as to which it may be?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:11 20 Apr 2013

Award BIOS? probably on a HP

Continuous beeping without pause = Serious system related problem such as CPU overheating

Open it up, clean out, check fans run, remove heat sink and fan, clean heat sink and clean, remove old thermal paste/tape and renew.

  SparkyJack 19:47 20 Apr 2013

Serious system fault it sure us But as the bleeep occurs instantly at switch on, so Overheat is not likely Indeed opeeningi t up revealed a pristine machine clean as a whistle Fan running- there is only the one a 3inch on a large Heat Sink Since New the machine has BSD;ed and reported ;Unexpected; power loss thne it immediate;y rebooted itself and carried on. Its owner repeated returned it to PCW where under warrantly the, checked ; and reurned ;no fault; After warranty expired they charges for new memory[nothing to do with BSD in my viewe] Then later another Hardddrive- still nothig to do with BSD] it was then the owner called ne in- too late perhaps to storm PCW-perhaps, thre good lady did not know about these thing. So she turned to me- Iwondered at first id perhapd they had dogy house wiring, so I took it to my home where in my newly rewired home with a dedicated circuit to the conputer workshop- I run some trials Bsd on Switch on , them sometime OK for daysI am coming to the conclusion of an intermitternt component fault on mother board- When the owner contacted me to say she had purchased another machine and tht I could keep the sicky.

This is an extremly compact machine to start dismanling- I have a few images but dont remember now the up load to forum routine -remind me

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:05 20 Apr 2013

Could be something loose shorting motherboard to frame perhaps

Memory tested?

  northumbria61 07:51 22 Apr 2013

Sparky Jack - BSD can happen with faulty memory. I started having intermittent BSD after fitting 2 x new modules (Corsair) last year to 2 x existing - total of 4 slots. All the memory was identical and from the same manufacturer. I ran several tests on the memory, single slot up to 4 slots, changed slots etc. to no avail.

All the indications were that BSD was happening as a result of the new memory but nothing showed up in MemTest. I finally concluded after 7 months that the problem had only occurred after fitting the new memory and I finally contacted Corsair and had the two new modules replaced. That was over 2 months ago and I haven't had a BSD since.

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