Lego Star Wars II demo from coverdisc problem

  Darren-512879 13:08 08 Nov 2006


I installed the demo from the last coverdisc but having a problem.

I'm running an ATI Radeon 1300 card which is supposedly supported. The game can quite happily play for 20 minutes before coming up with an error message about graphic card not supporting pixel shading etc.

I've contacted their tech support but not has a response a week later.

My son loves the game so will be on his Christmas list if I know it will work.

Any ideas?

  Darren-512879 18:54 15 Nov 2006

Has a similar problem having installed Lego Bionicles from the January cover disc.

Have tried removing graphic card drivers and installing new ones but still have the same problem.

  gudgulf 19:34 15 Nov 2006

You could try updating your motherboard drivers and check for anything that might be causing the pc to overheat.

Take off the case side and see if all the fans are working and that the heatsinks/fans and case ventilation holes are not clogged with fluff.

Also try reinstalling the demo from a different source,eg download click here

If the game runs for a period of time before crashing it sounds more like overheating or a corrupt installation of the game rather than a driver issue.

The pixel shader error would normally crop up if the hardware acceleration from your graphics card was disabled.

Whilst that points to the drivers the fact it runs for 20 minutes before this happens makes me doubt that is the cause.

Try running DXDIAG (go to Start>Run and type DXDIAG then ok)and check through all the tabs to see if any errors are listed with DirectX or your hardware acceleration.

  Darren-512879 14:33 17 Nov 2006

do some games work the card harder than others? I don't play many 3D games but didn't have a problem with Oblivion.

  Darren-512879 14:16 19 Nov 2006

well, after trying a third game demo today I think it must be something to do with my card.

it has quite a chunky heat sink which comes down to about 2mm above the card below.

the card below was a sound card so I've swapped that with my wireless adapter which isn't quite as wide so hopefully will allow more airflow...

  Darren-512879 12:24 26 Nov 2006


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