lego star wars

  LizaCable 13:07 13 Jul 2005

I don't know if this is an appropriate forum to raise my problem. My son has purchased Lego Sars Wars game for the PC and I cannot get it to play. It loads ok but when the game starts the picture is jumbled blocks of colour and the sound is slow. He has got loads of other games that all work perfectly. I have all the system requirements. Any suggestions?

  De Marcus 13:09 13 Jul 2005

What are your system requirements?

  GroupFC 13:34 13 Jul 2005

I had a similar problem with the same game, and I think that it was that my machine was the bare minimum spec for the game, (plus the fact that I think my graphics card was on the way out!).

I used this an excuse to the "Chancellor of the Exchequer", to spend some money and upgraded with a new graphics card, a sound card and some more RAM (from 256 to 512).

I am afraid I don't know what the answer is to your problem, but hopefully you have now got some clues where to start!

  Whaty 15:12 13 Jul 2005

I've installed quite a few Lego games for my son, most without any problem but a couple have not worked 'straight out of the box'. In each case I've found a patch on the Lego web site that's overcome the problem, so that might be a good place to start.

I'm at work at the moment and due to our security software I cannot get on the Lego Site to check for you, but as I say, possible a good place to start.?

Good luck, Terry

  The Belarussian Mafia 16:04 13 Jul 2005

Could you please say what graphics card you've got? The last time we had serious problems with a game (Pirstes of the Caribbean) we had to upgrade the graphics card, which did the trick.

Also - do you have a sound card?

By the way, Lego Star Wars worked on our PC straight out of the box - no patch was needed, so it is probably a hardware issue.

  gudgulf 16:26 13 Jul 2005

This is from the Read Me for Lego StarWars

2.1 DirectX

This game is optimized for Microsoft's DirectX 9.0c. In order for you to play the game, you must have DirectX 9.0-compliant drivers for your video card and sound card. Please note that although DirectX 9.0c is installed with the game, your video and sound card drivers may not be upgraded to DirectX 9.0 drivers.

You will need to obtain the latest DirectX 9.0 drivers from your card manufacturer or PC supplier. These drivers cannot be supplied by Eidos.

2.2 Memory and Performance

Regardless of how much memory you have, you can maximize your available memory and increase the overall performance of the game engine by doing the following:

Closing any open windows
Shutting down all other programs, including menu-bar programs like ICQ
Defragmenting your hard drive

Eidos recommends that you have no other programs running at all while playing LEGO Star Wars. Other programs, including virus checkers, system utilities and screen savers can cause system degradation when playing games software and may conflict with the game for system resources, potentially resulting in instability and crashes.

2.3 Known Issues

Giant Interactive Entertainment and Eidos Interactive are committed to providing customer support for our games on a continuing basis. In that spirit, there may be a patch for LEGO Star Wars forthcoming; visit the Eidos website for more information.

I have had some lock ups and crashes with two different pcs with this game.Both are well above the minimum spec.Shutting down the av program sorted it on both for me, but also check your graphics card drivers are up to date.

Reading the extract above I think there IS an issue with the game and it will be patched....but the patch is not available yet.Was this game rushed out to coincide with the release of the latest StarWars movie I wonder????

  GroupFC 17:04 13 Jul 2005

"Was this game rushed out to coincide with the release of the latest StarWars movie I wonder????" - Without a doubt!!

  TWINKLE1 14:28 21 Jul 2005

I've just discuvored that Nvidia have an update for the Gforce 300 card.. It takes 30 sec's to download and sorted out this graphics issue.
Made my son's day.

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