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  tAtu*! 22:34 20 Feb 2010

hi all
I have downloaded a torrent file (legal-not copyrighted) from the problem is I can't view it. I used utorrent to download the movie which shows as a .torrent file. Media player and realplayer wont play it, Is there something else I should be using as a media player or do i have to convert the .torrent file?

Many thanks

  johnnyrocker 22:39 20 Feb 2010

vlc will play anything that is not corrupt

click here


  tAtu*! 22:41 20 Feb 2010

unfortunately I am on Win 7 64 bit and VLC wont work on 64 bit.... any thing else?

  rdave13 22:45 20 Feb 2010

What are the torrent files. Could be compressed files so need something like 7-Zip to unzip them.

  tAtu*! 22:51 20 Feb 2010

the file is a dutch horror movie, about 200Mb in size,yet when i have been into my downloads it shows the .torrent file is on 16kb in size? i am confused as it took about an hour to download. I assumed it would download as an .exe or avi file?? the thumbnail next to the file is the 'utorrent' icon.


  steve stifler 23:05 20 Feb 2010

open up utorrent program and right click the download, select open containing folder.This should show you where the 200mb file is stored.the utorrent thumbnail isnt the download but the location where your browser saves the torrent file16kb not the movie.utorrent will have a setting where it saves the actual 200mb download.

  rdave13 23:06 20 Feb 2010

Ah I think I might know the problem. The download would take that time. Unfortunately I don't think you have installed the torrent software that you need to download the torrent if you know what I mean. Usually on these sites you need to download the torrent software that will allow your PC to become a feeder as well as a receiver. Not only will you be able to download the legal freebie but the torrent system will also use your PC to upload to other PCs.
One of the reasons I steer well away from torrents.

  rdave13 23:08 20 Feb 2010

A hidden download. Never knew that, thanks. Won't touch with a bargepole.
My loss I suppose.

  tAtu*! 23:15 20 Feb 2010

many thanks guys, i assumed (wrongly) that as it was 'legit' that i would be ok. Will keep well clear!


  steve stifler 23:22 20 Feb 2010

i dont think im describing it particularly well.
Its not hidden but depending how set up wether it easy to find.If say your firefox downloads and utorrent d/ls save to same folder they are in one place,ie the torrent control file(.torrent) via your browser and the assembled download via utorrent.
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  rdave13 23:33 20 Feb 2010

I don't think tAtu*! has a bittorrent client.

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