left unattended

  garybaldy 10:40 05 Feb 2003

left unatended for longer than half an hour my computer screen goes blank.I have to remove all power and restart .Is it possible to to download something in the safe knowledge that if its longer than half hour my computer wont shut down.

  « Ravin » 10:44 05 Feb 2003

it could be the monitor entering the standby mode.. have you tried skaking the mouse or tapping a few keys on the key board? also check the settings for power management in the control panel.

  Ç̧ÇØ 10:45 05 Feb 2003

u dont say what os u are using its probably the way your power saving feature is set up

  garybaldy 10:53 05 Feb 2003

I use winXP ,the screen goes blank after about 5 mins ,if i tape the mouse it returns but left for longer than half an hour there is nothing i can do .I have to remove all power including remove the battery in order to restart the computer.which cancels any download.

  Ç̧ÇØ 11:25 05 Feb 2003

go to control panel, then power options, then power schemes and set everytin to "never"

  Tog 11:29 05 Feb 2003

Are your mouse and keyboard on the USB?

  garybaldy 11:35 05 Feb 2003

Tog i use a laptop and yes my mouse is connected to the usb.Cisco i tried that and the message TO ADJUST POWER MANAGEMENT SETTINGS,CLOSE WINXP OPTIONS AND USE TOSIHBA POWER SAVER.I did go into winxp power saver but was unable to click on any options.

  Tog 11:47 05 Feb 2003

Sorry, I remembered a previous post in which there was a setting that affected the USB power, hence at standby power it was impossible to get the PC back up. I wouldn't think that applies in your case.

  Dr. Charles 12:02 05 Feb 2003

When I go into the sleep mode on my computer it sometimes will not restart properly--I am sure its something to do with the monitor driver tho` its the latest one O/S Win98SE 1000MHZ AMD

I now rely on the close down of the settings but if I dash out late at night I don`t like to have the screen lit as advises burglars there is a computer in an unlit room. Switching the monitor off doesn`t always help CTXPR960F either .Its a bit of a "Dogs Dinner". Mmmm Any ideas??

I don`t want to start a new thread.



  « Ravin » 12:52 05 Feb 2003

try increasing the size of your virtual memory. can't really remember how to do it under windows 98 but i think you have to right click my computer , click properties and go to the system performance tab and click on virtual memory. if you have a large hard disk give it a lot of space. using xp i set it to 1gb

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