LED Backlit also called LCD?

  spook88 13:13 28 Apr 2011


I am looking to buy a Sony Vaio e series and notice that 'sony store online' are soon releasing models direct on amazon (examples below)

And here is the puzzle - on the specs some of them mention having LED backlit screens and some mention having LCD screens.

And on sony's own sony style site(where they would come from when ordering via amazon) they only mention them being LCD, so my question is are the one's called LED backlit infact also the same as LCD as they come from the same company via different sites?

Thanks for any clues on this as i am going round in circles trying to get any clarification from sony!



  woodchip 13:44 28 Apr 2011

Led is only the way that LCD is lit up, LCD is the type of screen Back light can be LED or Fluorescent tube

  woodchip 13:46 28 Apr 2011

This is he old way


Led is the new way of doing it, and a better more reliable way

  natdoor 16:37 28 Apr 2011

As woodchip says, the screen is LCD in both cases. The pixels on the screen are controlled to permit varying amounts of light to pass through. Colour is provided by an RGB mask.

The pixels cannot be made totally opaque, so that the degree of blackness is limited when the back-lighting is fluorescent. The advantage of LED is that there are many individual light sources covering parts of the screen. The black level can be improved by dynamically selectively occulting LEDs in an area which is black in the picture, thereby overcoming the inability of the LCD cell to become opaque.

Ther are genuine LED displays available using OLEDs (organic LEDs). These can be made sufficiently small to achive the required resolution for viewing in a small screen size. link text. They are very expensive at the moment.

  spook88 21:36 28 Apr 2011

ok, thanks to all for the info so far....so it would appear that it might just be the way Sony label the different laptops rather than being different screens.

  woodchip 21:45 28 Apr 2011

the screens are different, in the way they are lit-up

  carver 10:01 29 Apr 2011

With LED screens you get better contrast, blacks are (sounds silly) blacker.

I bought a Samsung LED TV and compared to standard LCD tv colors are better, that is why a lot of shops are discounting standard LCD TV's.

As natdoor has said the next step is OLED TV's but they are just to expensive at the moment, but they are good link text

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