Leaving Virgin Media - Are my emails safe ?

  boney80 00:44 02 Sep 2018

I access my Virgin Media emails via imap on a "connected account" to my Outlook.com email address. I understand that Virgin will remove my email account after I leave them, but will my old emails remain within my Outlook account?

  Menzie 02:56 02 Sep 2018

Running a backup of the emails would help to ensure that you have a copy of the emails locally for use.

There is a guide here showing details of how to perform a backup in Outlook.

1]: [click here

  boney80 11:38 02 Sep 2018

Thanks for the reply, but the guide is for people using the Outlook software client. I just use their webmail. I believe my Virgin emails will be safe as they are presumably copied onto the Outlook server as I receive them... my concern is that when my Virgin account is deleted, the imap side of things will cause them to be deleted from the Outlook server. Admittedly, I'm no expert so I just wanted confirmation from somebody who knows how these things work.

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