Leaving speakers switched on?

  Andsome 08:50 24 Mar 2003

I would very much prefer to leave my computer speakers switched on. The satellites are partly hidden by the monitor, and the sub woofer is difficult to get at under the desk. I e-mailed the manufacturers, (IBM), and they replied that it contravenes health and safety rules to leave an elecrical item switched on. They did not answer my question, which was, WILL IT ACTUALLY HARM THE SPEAKERS TO LEAVE THEM SWITCHED ON PERMANENTLY? I am not unduly concerned with health and safety regs. Can anyone who knows about such thing reassure me.

  Pesala 08:55 24 Mar 2003

I hope you have your PC connected via a surge protector with half a dozen mains plugs for base unit, monitor, printer, speakers, etc.

Why not switch the whole lot off at the wall socket after you shut down your PC. Then the whole lot is safe from fire hazards, etc., but your speakers will always be on when you switch on your PC at the wall socket and start up.

  xtreme_computing 08:56 24 Mar 2003

it depends how hot the speakers get, leave them on for a while, and fell the back of the power unit of the speakers, see if they get hot, if they do then it will not do your speakers any good.

  €dstow 08:57 24 Mar 2003

IBM probably told you that just to cover themselves. It's probably a stock answer to all questions about leaving things switched on.

I have to switch things off because my insurers say I have to. I couldn't get insurance otherwise.

I do know that many thousands (millions?) of computers and their anciliary equipment are almost never switched off and it is very rare that anything untoward happens. I would think that speakers are some of the safest things to leave on as they draw zero power when they are not actually "speaking". (Before anyone contradicts that, I know there are certain classes of amplifier that pass a constant current through speakers but I don't think they are used in computers).


  anchor 09:29 24 Mar 2003

I always leave my speakers on, except when going on holiday. No problems, (so far; touch wood).

  woodchip 09:44 24 Mar 2003

It should not do any harm to your speakers, but it will to your Electricity bill and the Environment. May be you are not bothered about that ether!!!!!!!!!

  Andsome 10:02 24 Mar 2003

Many thanks to you all. I left the speakers on overnight last night, and there is no warmth whatsoever to the touch. I know that some hi-fi speakers should be left on. Certainly all my Hi Fi, including CD player, amplifier, speakers and tuner all state clearly in the instructions that best results are obtained by leaving them on standby power. I asked about the computer speakers in the absence of any instructions. The bulk of your opinion appears to be that it is OK to leave them on.

PS YES I am a very strong believer in anti surge power sockets, and the one with the computer has six outlets.

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