Leaving The PC On 24/7 Is Safe Or Not?

  KrySTaL-KoDE 23:50 17 Feb 2003

I'd like to leave my PC on 24/7, or almost 24/7 for certain purposes, but the rest of my family thinks it's bad for the computer's health.

What're your opinions on this? Most of the time it'll be more-or-less idle, so I don't think I don't have to worry about overheating and stuff.

  woodchip 23:58 17 Feb 2003

Just wastes Electric, I leave mine on all day without the monitor on until I use it. I switch of at night

  TBH1 23:59 17 Feb 2003

if you have a need to leave it on, then leave it on. My old PC , a Compaq p150 only had a power-on switch at the back, very difficult to access - - but the manual stated that it was designed to be left on at all times. The manual for my present PC , Evesham Athlone 600 jobby states that there is no need to leave switched on when not in use though once it is switched on in the morning, it won't get switched off til last thing at night. I thing 'swings and round-a-bouts' comes to mind. We have PC's at work, not top of the range servers but ordinary PC's, that are never powered off - -and hardly ever re-booted. Just my two penneth

  KrySTaL-KoDE 00:06 18 Feb 2003


Well, I'd like to know if it's unhealthy for the computer or not.

Thanks for your comments.

  TBH1 00:17 18 Feb 2003

no, it ain't

  tran1 00:30 18 Feb 2003

Its only unhealthy for your electricity bills!

  MAJ 00:35 18 Feb 2003

And it's a fire risk.

  Djohn 00:36 18 Feb 2003

And even then only about 30p a day for say sixteen hours! Even less if you turn monitor off.

  jazzypop 00:40 18 Feb 2003

Make sure you have a working smoke alarm nearby.

It's not bad for the PC's health, but it could be permanently bad for yours.

  Forum Editor 00:41 18 Feb 2003

is designed to run for long periods without being turned off, and many people leave their machines running all day and night for weeks, if not months. Lots of computers in business settings run from Monday to Friday without being turned off. A computer consumes very little electricity, and if you use the energy saving power settings it will function on the absolute minimum.

Does it harm the machine if it runs continually? The answer's no, in fact there's a body of opinion that says it isn't a good idea to be constantly turning a computer on and off. In some cases this can lead to what's called 'chip creep' which is the result of components constantly being warmed and cooled. Eventually (says the theory)the component will fail to work as it loses its good contact with the motherboard.

  lisamaree 04:45 18 Feb 2003

I would like to suggest that there is a lot of tests carriedout when a computer is started some of which are not detected on a running system. Like SMART for the harddrive, powersupply voltages and fan speeds. Yes I know there is software that will check this but it doesn't do any harm to shut the computer down and restart it every 24 hours just to get memory and network refreshed as well as to have the above tested.

Just my thoughts


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