Leaving NTL's capped service

  jagx400 20:33 09 Mar 2005

I have decided to leave NTL because of the capped service and want to go for an uncapped one, I dont want AOL as I dont like the interface.

I am leaning towards Pipex's 1meg service. Can anyone recommend any others please. I have searched on Google but would rather rely on recommendations

  accord 20:51 09 Mar 2005

what service are you at the moment with NTL?

If you are on the 750kb then you will be upgraded to the 2meg service with a 1gb cap er day for the same price

  jagx400 20:54 09 Mar 2005

I am on the 750k, when they upgrade me they are only upgrading the download speed not upload....Pipex upload is 256, I send large emails so that seems better all round

  Graham ® 20:58 09 Mar 2005

I think it will be increasingly difficult to get a truly uncapped option. The future will see products sold by usage rather than speed.

This is how my ISP is changing:

click here

  accord 21:11 09 Mar 2005

click here and click on the usage calculator half way down the page to see your usage.

  Pesala 22:40 09 Mar 2005


The link seems to be time limited. Perhaps this will suffer the same fate: click here

It tells me I need 9.4 Gbytes per month (>_<)

  Jaymz87 01:22 10 Mar 2005

its telling me i need 25.1gb per month!

thats with estimated numbers tho, obviously:

How many hours will you surf the internet each day:14
How many emails will you send in an average day:25
How many emails will you receive per day:50
How many jpegs and photos will you receive per week:120
How many music tracks will you download per week:50
How many minutes of video or trailers will you watch per week:120
How many movies will you download per month:5
How many hours a day will you listen to online radio:14

Ok, heres the thing tho, if i change the jpegs and photos question to 100, it says i need 25.8gig, so i think its a bit out :)

As for the service i recommend, Pipex is by far the best I've seen, although I haven't tried them yet, I'm still with BT, and they're pretty good really, upgrading to 2meg connexions within the next 4 months, and a pretty decent upload speed as well, im on the 1meg atm, and its upping at 256kbps, so its good for sending large emails for sure :)

  Djohn 02:15 10 Mar 2005

Try the one I'm with. Zen. click here They are fast, do not have restrictions of any kind and to the best of my knowledge, never will. Their customer base is mainly business, or professionals working from home who will not accept anything but the best.

They are not cheap, don't give any special offers except free migration from your current ISP to them. Check the prices but remember to add V.A.T on top. You will be paying top price but then you will be getting what you pay for, superb service. I have no connection with the company except for my ADSL line ;o)

  fr3kysnail 03:06 10 Mar 2005

Dear PIPEX Customer,

We mentioned that PIPEX had big plans for 2005, and true to our word we have
two new exciting developments to bring you today. In both cases you will find
that as a loyal PIPEX broadband customer, you will be getting even more value
for money.

PIPEX is making broadband even more affordable !

In our continuing campaign to make broadband services even more affordable, we
are delighted to announce that we will be upgrading you to our
PIPEX Solo 2000 service, at no extra cost !

The speed of your service will be increased to 2Mbps automatically as part of a
network upgrade programme PIPEX is undertaking, which will run during the
spring and summer this year. However, if you want to take advantage of the
higher speed sooner, and do not wish to wait for the network upgrade you can do
this now for a one off fee of £15 (inc of VAT)*, just visit My PIPEX at
click here and within a few clicks you will move into the fast lane
without increasing your monthly rental.

A special reward for you !

As a PIPEX broadband customer we know you are special. We are delighted that
you have chosen to use PIPEX as your broadband provider and we thought it was
about time we gave you something extra just to say thanks for connecting up to
the broadband world with PIPEX. We are pleased to announce the launch of our
new loyalty programme, PIPEX Xtras, and are very happy to confirm that you are
now entitled to all the benefits of PIPEX Xtras at no cost whatsoever to you.
Full details of the programme and the range of exciting rewards are available
when you next log in to My PIPEX at click here

To introduce the loyalty programme, you will soon be receiving an email
telling you all about PIPEX Xtras and confirming your membership to the
programme. You'll be amazed at where PIPEX broadband can take you !

I am very happy with pipex, as you can tell from the letter I am with the 1mb connection. I stated that I may go to Bt coz they were slightly cheaper, they offered me a free month.

I actually found out about the increase in speed from a US chat site.........they must be doing something good.

ps: sorry for the length of the post.

  fr3kysnail 03:25 10 Mar 2005

...2 B honest I dont think you gain anything from me referring you? However I get some free flight vouchers :)

send me an email if your interested email me mailto:[email protected]

  jagx400 13:35 10 Mar 2005

Spoke to a NTL customer relations chap and he told me There is no way I will hit 30 gig a month. I have a young lad in the house on a wireless connection in his room, and I think it must be his mission to download anything free he can find on the internet, I listen to online radio, at least 5 hours a day and so does the lad. I think I will hit the cap, but The chap at NTL said dont worry we rarely tell anyone off.

Gonna give them a month and see what happens, if they tell me of, then Pipex here I come

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