Leaving external hard drives on?

  exdragon 23:04 12 Jun 2010

Hi - I've just had a momentary power cut which naturally turned off all my computer stuff in the middle of what I was doing. I've got everything plugged into an Intellipoint 1click, including a couple of external drives and two printers.

I usually switch on/off the external drives and printers manually, because I thought you had to remove the drives via the 'Safely remove hardware' option in the System Tray, and each time the printers go on and off, they use ink doing a cleaning routine.

Also, I use Acronis to back up to the externals, but if I schedule the back ups and the drives aren't turned on, of course the back up doesn't happen.

Getting into a bit of a mess, aren't I!

So - do I leave everything on all day or do as I have been doing, manually turning the drives and printers on and off as required?

At least I backed up everything yesterday...

  robin_x 23:47 14 Jun 2010

My Canon Printer takes less than 1W on standby. I never turn it off.

My Seagate 500GB ext desktop USB drive takes a few Watts. But it goes into Standby itself after 5 mins and takes bugger all.

Get a plugin LCD Power Meter from your local Pondshop and wander round your house measuring where your elec is going.

  Boghound 07:52 15 Jun 2010

Buy a proper UPS....Just hibernate the system at night....Re-boot at once a week...Switch your external drives off unless needed...I live in a hot country and the external drives don't have fans and get hot....Stuff the environment as far as power saving is concerned.

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