Leaving external hard drives on?

  exdragon 23:04 12 Jun 2010

Hi - I've just had a momentary power cut which naturally turned off all my computer stuff in the middle of what I was doing. I've got everything plugged into an Intellipoint 1click, including a couple of external drives and two printers.

I usually switch on/off the external drives and printers manually, because I thought you had to remove the drives via the 'Safely remove hardware' option in the System Tray, and each time the printers go on and off, they use ink doing a cleaning routine.

Also, I use Acronis to back up to the externals, but if I schedule the back ups and the drives aren't turned on, of course the back up doesn't happen.

Getting into a bit of a mess, aren't I!

So - do I leave everything on all day or do as I have been doing, manually turning the drives and printers on and off as required?

At least I backed up everything yesterday...

  northumbria61 23:12 12 Jun 2010
  Forum Editor 23:17 12 Jun 2010

I leave my external drives running all the time my computers are on.

Printers at home are turned on and off as required. In the office they're turned on in the morning and off at night.

  exdragon 23:42 12 Jun 2010

northumbria61 - I'll read that in the morning!

Forum Editor - perhaps I'll continue to do that with the printers. Is it a problem if the hard drives are switched off when the computer is turned off, or should I continue to use the Safely remove hardware button?

I'm in and out during the day and generally turn everything off whilst out.

  gazzaho 04:34 13 Jun 2010

I leave my hard drives on constantly without problems, I've had power cuts a few times without any apparent damage or data loss. If the drives aren't working at the time the power goes off then no damage should occur as I believe most, if not all hard drives now days park the heads and go into power saving mode when not in constant use. If I'm wrong about that I'm sure someone will comment on it, apart from the "green" issue I see no reason for turning them off at all.

With the price of genuine ink cartridges these days if my printer went through a head cleaning process every time it was switched on it wouldn't be turned off, period, I tend to leave mine in stand by mode in any case.

  onthelimit 09:11 13 Jun 2010

As far as I'm aware, the'safely remove' system is for USB connected items which you wish to remove while the PC is still powered up. It's to ensure the item has been powered down before removal which could otherwise fry the chip. If you are turning your PC off, there is no danger to the USB units 'cos they're not being unplugged 'hot'. I have a number of USB connected hardware which stay connected all the time - webcam, mouse, keyboard. Don't see why an external drive should be any different.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:24 13 Jun 2010

I have just rearranged all my wiring and sockets in my "home" office so that I can switch my external drives on and off as required.
Printer /scanner is also switched on and off as required.

only things let on standby are monitor and TV.

  peter99co 10:43 13 Jun 2010

Out of interest why do you leave the TV and Monitor on standby? What advantage is there?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:47 13 Jun 2010

Monitor starts as soon as PC switched on

Also cannot easily reach sockets for these items :0)

  karmgord 11:20 13 Jun 2010

You could buy a smart socket so that when the computer powers down & turns off, the external HDs plugged into the smart socket power off too.
I have all my peripherals plugged into a smart socket.

  exdragon 11:35 13 Jun 2010

karmgord - that's what the intellipoint does, but as I said, I didn't think it was good practice to turn off the usb externals without going down the Safely Remove route. Hence I switch on and off as needed

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