Leaving copy of email on server

  douglas1973 23:59 10 Jul 2007

One can configure email settings to leave a copy of one's emails on the server.
Can someone please explain the point of this? I imagine that it is so that one can retrieve an email accidentally deleted but is this so? If the answer is yes how does one go about retrieving an email?

  ambra4 00:52 11 Jul 2007

What emails systems are you using as they all have a difference method you just have to search the tools setting or the account setting I only use Thunderbird Email

In Thunderbird Click Tools-Account Setting-expand the ISP name- Server Setting

And you see Leave message on server and the amount of days 2-60?

What it means is that all your messages will be stored for the time you set

If you only use 1 pc and check you mail on a daily basic you can set it for 2 days after that it is deleted automatic by the server

So if you go on holiday for 10 days an can not check your mail on a daily basic,

You will lose 8 days of mail, as the mail server will delete mail older than 2 days

  Taff™ 07:53 11 Jul 2007

Imagine this scenario which may help you understand the principle. I have a tower PC at home with my e-mail set up in Outlook. I want to keep all my e-mail communications on that machine however I work away from home, often for several days at a time so I take a laptop with me with copies of all my important files.

The laptop is configured to leave a copy of mail on the server, I have not set it to be deleted after any number of days so I can receive a copy of my e-mail anywhere in the world. I can therefore deal with any urgent e-mails on the move. As I reply to them I copy them to myself which puts the reply into my inbox.

When I return to base all the e-mails are downloaded (and deleted from the server) to the main PC so that machine has a complete set of e-mails and copies of my responses.

  Taff™ 07:59 11 Jul 2007

Retreiving an e-mail. Log onto your ISP`s Web Mail Facility and find the mail you want to retrieve. Simply forward it to yourself and it will be downloaded into your Inbox next time you retrieve e-mail normally.

The only problem with leaving a copy of e-mails permanently on the server is that your mailbox will eventually fill up and you will stop getting further mail. ISP`s have different limits on mailbox sizes so you have to keep an eye on it.

  birdface 08:41 11 Jul 2007

In some cases you get duplicate e-mails sent to your in box with this ticked,I always leave it un-ticked.

  Ikelos 09:27 11 Jul 2007

as above i leave mine on the server, having two laptops i can then read the emails on either PC, even though i have already downloaded them.

  douglas1973 10:06 11 Jul 2007

Thanks everybody for your explanations which are a great help.Posted my question last night (late) and this morning there are four replies! What else could I ask for?
By the way, I use Outlook Express 2003

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