Leave on or turn Off ?

  STEVE71163 15:11 06 Apr 2003

Can anyone tell me Is it better to leave your pc on 24/7 or is it best to turn on in the morning and then power down in evening. Your opinions would be appreciated.

  Lozzy 15:16 06 Apr 2003

If you work on the PC as I do 24/7 I switch on in the am and leave on till evening. It does no harm whatsoever but you do need to de-frag often I use Dis-keeper set on auto de-frag every so many hours..

  Cantillion 15:23 06 Apr 2003

From what perspective are you looking?

From a secruirty point of view: if you have a permanent internet connection, the longer you keep your PC switched on, the greater the risk of being hacked - a problem minimised by a good hardware firewall.

From a costs point of view: If you're concerned about electricity bills, you could set your hardrives etc to power down after a certain time, or perhaps manually put the PC onto standby and switch of the monitor.

From a productivity point of view: rebooting frees up system resource.

Finally, why would you want to keep ur PC on 24/7?

  Djohn 15:24 06 Apr 2003

As Lozzy says, (Good afternoon Lozzy!) You will find many people have their own views on this, and some leave on all the time, others will shut down at night.

Whichever method you choose will be fine, and I think I'm correct in saying, "The only choice that may cause damage, is if you are constantly turning on/off many times each day".

The shock of a cold boot and constant heating and cooling of components is what will cause the trouble. Regards. J.

  STEVE71163 15:33 06 Apr 2003

Thanks for the replys. I used to turn on my pc about 6am and used to turn it off about 10pm but i keep getting told by people involved with pcs that computers now are made to be left on 24/7. It would be interesting to know what people on this site generally do.

  Djohn 15:42 06 Apr 2003

Further to my reply above, I generally leave my PC on all the time, (Except if away from home for a few days).

Occasionally I may switch off just before going to bed, but not often! As for freeing up memory, I have ben led to believe this does not apply to win 2000/winXP.

With a TFT monitor and the system not in use, then the power consummation is negligible. J.

  Djohn 15:43 06 Apr 2003

meant consumption. :o(

  Gongoozler 15:44 06 Apr 2003

Hi STEVE71163. This topic has been aired several times in the past without a conclusive result. Turning the pc on and off does impose a strain on some components that tends to reduce their life, and also the hard drive tends to work harder at switch on with a risk of data corruption. Leaving the computer switched on 24/7 increases the number of hours the components work, and their design life is measured in thousands of hours. Modern components tend to be good both in terms of tolerance of repeated switch-on and working hours. I normally leave my pc switched on if I intend to use it again within a few hours and switch it off otherwise.

One reason I switch my pc off is that it stops me popping into this forum "just to see what is going on", and spending another hour here.

On the reliability front, pc's rarely fail, they just grow obsolete (like me!).

  Cantillion 15:50 06 Apr 2003

Have win XP and after using Adobe Premier for a few hours, other progs tend to moan at opening/closing. I guess it depends what you use your PC for... for me, turning off the PC marks the end of the day!

  EforB 17:11 06 Apr 2003

I Switch of my PC whenever I leave the house as
I would hate to come home to the house burnt down !.

  Andsome 17:25 06 Apr 2003

What does 24/7 mean? I can understand the 24 is meaning 24 hours, but why the 7?

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