Learning Windows

  AubreyS 21:19 16 Jun 2003

Hi all.
My sister wants to learn the basics of using a PC. Does anyone know of some free or cheap downloadable software?

  VoG® 21:31 16 Jun 2003
  AubreyS 21:37 16 Jun 2003

Hi VoG®.
Thanks for that, it looks quite good. My sister is greener than the green, green grass of home and isn't even able to program her video unless she has a handy 5 year-old available to do it for her. What I need is something really simple for her, i.e step by step.

  Andybear 22:16 16 Jun 2003

When I bought my PC in January I bought a book called 'Windows XP in Easy Steps' by Harshad Kotecha. It's takes you through all the basics, and a bit more, in easy to follow steps and has loads of pictures / screen dumps. Amazon are selling it for £8.79 at the moment or you might be able to get in from a local book shop.

  AubreyS 22:29 16 Jun 2003

Sorry, I forgot to say... She's got Windows ME. I'm sure there must be a "Windows ME in Easy steps" too. Anyway, I'll see if I can find something suitable for her.
Thanks guys.

  Agent Smith 22:36 16 Jun 2003

There are some college evening classes available. One I recall in my area was called "Opening Windows". Most towns have a place where you can get free or subsidised tuition and she won't be by herself. There are others in the same position.

  AubreyS 22:39 16 Jun 2003

Agent Smith.
Yes, That was the first thing that I suggested. I thought that an evening class would be a great idea but she isn't so keen on the idea.

  VoG® 22:39 16 Jun 2003

more click here

  wee eddie 22:51 16 Jun 2003

Our local College of Further Education (TEC) or as it grandly calls itself University of Paisley, Ayr Campus. Offers the European Computer Driving License.

You pays about £40 and have open access the a computer section which is overseen. You work your way thought the course in simple steps and there is a tutor available to help if you get stuck. It's all new starters from 18 to 80yo.

One of my curling friends went and said that the coffee breaks were quite fun as every one discussed their latest disasters, Computer related, of course.

an incredibly useful source of information on how to operate windows is included in windows.
click start then click HELP. everything a begginner will need to know is there , the trickier tips and tweaks can come later.

  VoG® 22:59 16 Jun 2003

Actually, the best way to learn is to play with it. Assuming she has ME or XP she can use System Restore to go back if she has done something "stupid".
Anyway, what to learn - it's all intuitive, isn't it?

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