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  mick7 20:22 23 Jul 2007

I have been trying to teach friends (about my age 66) how to work computers, mainly internet, invariably they have had a set given them, my latest “pupil” has a 20 gig. 125 etc. windows 98, the windows keep closing and MSN error says W98 not supported etc. (his daughter was going to throw it away, probably best thing for it). Would you recommend I change his operating system to Linux?, and try to teach him this way, (I am not too well up on Linux but willing to learn). Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

  woodchip 20:29 23 Jul 2007

Nothing wrong with 98 as long as it's 98se. i use this one in Pref to My XP Desktop and XP Laptop. Why cannot you sort the computer? does it have any discs with it like a win98se CD?

  mick7 20:41 23 Jul 2007

It is W98. although I do have an ME. disk, would you reccommend that.

  octal 20:46 23 Jul 2007

I'm 59 this year and only use Linux now, this is after being a Windows user for years. I Definitely will not be going back to Windows, so I think your little group will be fine learning Linux. For the average user they wouldn't know the difference because the applications work exactly the same between the two systems.

  mick7 20:50 23 Jul 2007

thanks for the encouragement, which version would you suggest.

  octal 21:03 23 Jul 2007

I use PCLinuxOS at the moment it is one of the best desktop systems out. If you download the ISO and burn it to a disk it will run as a live CD, in other words it will run from the CD and load itself into RAM so it won't touch your hard disk at all. If it works OK and you like it you have the option of loading it onto your hard drive.

click here

  mick7 21:08 23 Jul 2007

cheers, will do.

  woodchip 21:08 23 Jul 2007

What you could do to let them get the feel of Linux is Download a Live CD version from click here Do not download one more than about 650Mb this will take some time even on BroadBand but you can use Nero to create the CD from the Download. It contains Office and Internet stuff in the Software No need to load the CD onto the Hard Drive Just set BIOS to boot from CD it will load to Ram and run from the CD. Only thing is things will be lost when you turn the computer off, Good in one way as any Virus's will be wiped

  mick7 21:17 23 Jul 2007

I have a "KNOPIX 3.3" no install disk, but I have had problems getting on line with it. I will have another go. cheers.

  woodchip 21:20 23 Jul 2007

AS I said you do not have to load Linux with a Live CD

  mick7 21:25 23 Jul 2007

Yes, thanks, I have tried from CD. and it seems OK. I just could not get on line with it, I think I did not load my modem driver correctly.

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