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Learning html and Filezilla Please

  wotsitallabout 11:52 21 Nov 2016

Having little or no experience would some kind person direct me to a particular place your tube or otherwise where I can learn to make a website using notepad ++ and upload via Filezilla please.

Thanks to JollyJohn if he sees this as he got me started.



  Jollyjohn 12:42 21 Nov 2016

Hello See here click here for lots info. The layout of a basic webpage is controlled by CSS - Cascading Style Sheet which is a separate little file that is linked at the start of the webpage. Feel free to look at my site which is basically a diary to let the family see how my son is getting on.

As for Filezilla, haven't used it for a long time as I now use FireFtp which is an Add On for Firefox. I do have to use the ip address, supplied by the hosting company, not the website address to connect but once set up, is very easy to use.

  wotsitallabout 10:36 23 Nov 2016

Many thanks, your website is a delight, lovely simplicity yet looks so professional, especially the heading that is constant with other pages. Perhaps you could be kind enough to point me in the right direction to learn this, as I would certainly want to for my website. Don't bother though if it is with the W3Sschools site you pointed me to,I will find it. Many thanks for your kindness. Best Alan

  Jollyjohn 12:01 23 Nov 2016

I am self taught with the help of an Open University short course, which is no longer run, but a basic website is about using Tags and use comments to remind yourself what is meant to be on the page.

Fell free to look at Page Source, CTRL+U if using Firefox, and you will see how I have laid it out.

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