Learning Frontpage is this possible?

  Completealias 02:18 20 Aug 2005

OK I'm following a fairly simple CLAIT + webdesign course using frontpage.

Have just been doing basic HTML today and one of the things I covered was setting a picture as the background of the webpage.

My mum is an artist and I have been thinking about creating a simple webpage for her. I wanted to include some pictures of her art on there but I didn't want people to be able to get copys of the pictures.

So I thought if I opened the picture in an image editor and make the picture like when you put a watermark on a document in word and then used this file as the background for the webpages.

Would this be a secure way of displaying her pictures on the pages eg would this stop people being able to say right click and get a copy of it?


  Forum Editor 07:47 20 Aug 2005

you'll need to know right away that it's not possible to prevent a determined person from downloading an image. There are all kinds of ways to deter people, but if someone wants the image, and they have the knowledge, they'll beat the system.

Using right-click prevention is not something I'm personally keen on; I think it gives a site a rather tacky feel, and only makes a determined image thief even more determined. I suggest that you simply add a copyright notice on each image, or a watermark, and leave it at that. Some of the best-known image libraries on the internet use watermarks to protect their images.

  Completealias 22:19 20 Aug 2005

Thanks for the feedback

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