The Learning Company

  pj123 15:55 15 Sep 2003

Does anyone know what has happened to "The Learning Company" I have just been given a 3 CD boxed set called French for Everyone because it doesn't work on Win XP. It doesn't work on Win 95 or Win 98SE either. The company is (allegedly) based in Wimbledon UK and the web site is (again allegedy) click here but when I log on there I get redirected to Broderbund. The phone number listed is "the number you have called has not been recognised"

  spikeychris 16:25 15 Sep 2003

Just had a look in the groups and theres some BAD reports about them. One says "In addition to which, they were caught planting spyware in childrens programs,
which if installed on a machine connected to the Internet, called home to let
Mattel know about it."

Spammers was a common used word..

  pj123 16:31 15 Sep 2003

Thanks spikeychris Google didn't come up with much either.

  Falkyrn 18:08 15 Sep 2003

Broderbund and the Learning Co are all part of Riverdeep click here
they appear to have reorganised their sales channels

  pj123 23:28 15 Sep 2003

Thanks Falkyrn tried your link and it looks like they are all Riverdeep. The reason for this post is my friend has bought a new PC with XP on it. This programme is not compatible with XP so she gave it to me. There are 3 CDs but after putting CD1 in I get "Installation complete, you must restart your computer. Yes/NO" Click on yes and reboot. When I try to run the programme all I get is "this programme has performed an illegal operation and will close". The only "contact us" on the Riverdeep site is a US telephone number or Irish telephone number. There doesn't appear to be a help link or email address. I am using Win 98SE which it was running on (on my friends previous PC) with no problems.

  pj123 13:20 19 Sep 2003

Have just sent a message to their "contact us" link. Don't expect an answer of course, but you never know. Will keep this thread open so I can give some feedback.

  pj123 19:56 19 Sep 2003

Well, Well, Well. Just got an automated response back which said "Thank you for your feedback. This is the only response you will get"???

As the CD pack was given to me I think I will bin them and forget it. Thanks for the responses everyone.

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