heepster 21:56 10 Aug 2005

I have just purchaed a dvd writer(external) and it has come with a bewildering array of leads. Does anyone know of a site that will show me what they all are and what they do?

  stalion 22:03 10 Aug 2005

can you tell us the make of the dvd writer

  Technotiger 22:10 10 Aug 2005

Hi, Make and Model number would help. Did it not come with a User's Manual or Instructions though?


  DieSse 22:37 10 Aug 2005

I would have thought you would get

A power lead (maybe one piece - maybe two)

A USB lead

Possibly a Firewire lead- I can't see a reason for any others

The power lead is obviously for power - the other two (chose the appropriate one) is for data between the PC and the writer.

  heepster 22:53 10 Aug 2005

yes its a Lg drive.I know what the power lead is for , but it came with a lead with USB on one end, and the other end is very much smaller and i have no such connection on my computer. Its also come with a lead with a square connection on one end and a different small connection on the other end .No instructions. I guess its supposed to be foolproof , Very confusing..

  stalion 23:02 10 Aug 2005

it sounds as if you have a lead for a firewire card square type connection one end and a smaller square type connector on the other.The other lead you have is a lead to connect through a usb connection on your computer.
Have a look here click on usb cables and then
firewire cables to see if they are what you have
click here

  DieSse 23:37 11 Aug 2005

"but it came with a lead with USB on one end, and the other end is very much smaller"

They're both USB connectors - the flat end goes into the computer - the other end into the drive box - look on it.

  €dstowe 06:47 12 Aug 2005

If you do have two types of data cable (USB and Firewire) be careful to use only one of them when you connect your writer to the computer.

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