Lead to join broadband to 2 computers?

  plsndrs3 21:55 10 Oct 2003


My works have just installed broadband [I work from home] & I use this on a laptop. I also have my own desktop PC & have just installed a new network card.

I would like to use broadband on both PCs [not at the same time] without having to disconnect & re-connect the cable between the broadband box of tricks and whichever PC I want it attached to.

Is there a commercially available splitter - like you can get for phone lines, but desgined for broadband style connectors] or a cable that splits from one connector at the box to 2 different connections into the PCs.

Again, I never need to use BOTH PCs at the same time.



  A15 22:04 10 Oct 2003

You do not say who your broadband ISP is but I think you will find your connection is fixed to one computer. That is to say the computer that you registered the connection on. A note of the MAC address in your network card will have been made & an IP lease (I think!) issued against your network card. This means if you plug your broadband lead into another machine it will not work.

That said, it does of course depend on your ISP, you will need to check with them if you can use more than one computer on your connection, even if you are using them at different times. If you are only allowed one connection, then your best bet would be to buy a router, & this will allow you to use both your machines on the connection.

  kp 22:11 10 Oct 2003

You need a broadband router - as far as I am aware this is the only way to do this with broadband. This will allow you to connect both PC's to the internet at the same time (whether you need this or not). Wired or wireless versions are available. Search for broadband routers on Google and you will find plenty of different models and info.


  plsndrs3 22:24 10 Oct 2003

Thanks, will look for this router & see how much.

I am on the desktop using the broadband & have been using the laptop via a private network all day, so all seems OK.

Thanks again


  graham√ 23:11 10 Oct 2003

You may be looking for a complicated solution to a simple problem. Just plug in the PC you want to use to the Broadband 'modem'.

I know that you do not want to do that, but getting something that will connect automatically to whichever PC you turn on is, I suspect, not feasible.

So you are left with a router.

  plsndrs3 09:53 11 Oct 2003

Yes, I think you've hit the nail on the head. For a cost of £60+ just for a modestly priced unit, I think that a new lead would be cheaper & more beneficial. Plus, of course, I only ever have to plug/unplug at the start of switching over,

Thanks to all for your help.



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