“Safe to remove “ splash does not show

  john bunyan 19:17 17 Dec 2018

I have updated a number of my own and relatives PC’s with the 1809 update. On my desktop, when I press the icon to remove, say, a usb, a message says “safe to remove hardware “. On a relatives modern laptop, when I press the same icon , the name of the usb disappears so I can remove it but no “safe to remove “ message appears. Is there a setting somewhere to harmonise this? Tried Dr Google but could not find a good answer

  john bunyan 21:08 17 Dec 2018


Many thanks . Will try it

  john bunyan 21:33 17 Dec 2018

Tried no 18 but no joy. Will follow up in next day or so ; maybe go though settings on two pc’s Side by side. Would never hav thought of that no 18

  john bunyan 21:56 17 Dec 2018

This is an Asus laptop. One suggestion on the link suggested turning off “quiet hours” . Will look tomorrow

  john bunyan 15:49 18 Dec 2018

Not yet solved. Works on one Asus, not on another.

  qwbos 16:27 18 Dec 2018

I gave up on mine and did a clean reinstall from a DVD. Less bother in the long run. I now have two desktops with white Cortana search boxes. Maybe white's the new grey. And as for your favourite, checking System Restore, which I do by default now thanks to you, this one had System Restore 'ON', as opposed to the first where it was 'OFF'.

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