Dellman 14:57 29 Dec 2004

I am thinking about buying an LCD TV:
Toshiba 27WL46B

click here

1. Is this technology worth considering for a TV? 2. Is this a good buy?
3. Should I wait a while longer for prices to fall further?


  Rayuk 16:18 29 Dec 2004

Best doing a Google pros and cons of lcd
Viewing angles,picture quality and fast moving action blur

  jagx400 16:25 29 Dec 2004

Just bought this one click here
What a beauty, best picture ive seen beats plasma and LCD hands down.

  alnwrd 18:55 29 Dec 2004

The best pictures still come from crt tvs,plus they are cheapest but not slim and sexy. Personally I will never buy toshiba again after my 36" set failed after three years, and they returned my letter of complaint marked "gone away"

  Jeffers22 19:33 29 Dec 2004

I bought a 32 inch Panasonic LCD before Christmas. Drop dead gorgeous and a fantastic picture. Did not buy plasma because of the shorter screen life and the potential for burn in.

The only problem I have found with the picture is not in fast moving (16ns response time or better is needed) but there is a slight ripple noticable occasionally with facial closeups as the facial muscles move fractionally and the colour changes slightly.

If you want to go 42 inch, there is not much choice other than plasma.

Whatever you do, use kelkoo or pricerunner to make your purchase. Do not buy at Curry's/Comet - I saved over £700 on retail.

  GRFT 09:19 30 Dec 2004

Couldn't agree more - stay clear of the High Street stores. For my den I just bought the Philips 44cm (17") LCD TV for a saving of nearly £150 on Dixon's price of £600.00 from and free delivery. It looks very smart, wonderful picture and, hooked up to a Sony Freeview receiver and MDR-DS3000 wireless headphones, I also have great stereo sound and bother nobody. Sublime!

  Stuartli 09:46 30 Dec 2004

My first Toshiba TV, the company's initial foray into Nicam sound models, was bought in September 1990 - it is still continuing to be used for many hours a day (my son acquired it several years ago) and the only problem was the need to replace a fuse a couple of years ago.

A similar set by Toshiba bought to replace it in late 1996 is delivering equally superb service, along with a mono version for the front room.

Incidentally all three sets were manufactured at the company's Plymouth factory and are a tribute to British workmanship allied to Japanese production techniques.

  TomJerry 10:29 30 Dec 2004
  Dellman 22:47 01 Jan 2005

Anyone with any other views regarding pros/cons of this TV?

  Dellman 14:26 02 Jan 2005

We're are also purchasing a second TV for bedroom. We presently subscribe to Telewest Cable. If we want to watch Cable programmes, can we use a wireless video sender system? Anyone with any knowledge as to what is available. I have read that only certain systems are compatible with with the complex IrDA remote control signals used by all digital set top boxes offered by NTL® and Telewest® cable services in the UK.

Anyone that can recommend an AV Sender system? I've seen an AEI Digisender Gold system in Argos for £118.

  Dellman 12:26 04 Jan 2005

This is a write up I've seen for a 17" LCD/DVD Combi.

DMTech DML-3117WD

click here

Click on product name to get PDF file.

I've been able to get it from John Lewis Brent Cross for £349 (Comet presently £399)

Anyone with any views as to whether a good buy or not?

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